PS5 Game Boost Runs Ghost of Tsushima at 60FPS
"PS5 Game Boost will automatically enhance Ghost of Tsushima."

We know that Sony is supporting 99% of PS4 games on the upcoming PS5 through backwards compatibility. Last week, the company shared the news on the console’s lineup and how users will play PS4 games on their console. This includes inserting a PS4 disc into the console or simply downloading the game if you own the digital version. However, being able to play PS4 games on the console is just the start. According to some developers, the PS5 includes a Game Boost mode which automatically enhances some PS4 games without an official game patch. Ghost of Tsushima is one of these games.


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Sucker Punch Productions shared the news on Twitter claiming that Ghost of Tsushima is playable on PS5 Game Boost on day one through backwards compatibility. In addition, players can transfer their saves from PS4 and pick up where they left off on PS5. However, the biggest news is how the PlayStation 5 Game Boost will affect the game. Sucker Punch claims Ghost of Tsushima will see the game run at rates up to 60FPS and reduce the loading times even more.

Anyone who has played Ghost of Tsushima before would know it loads super fast. We don’t know how Sucker Punch did it but when fast travelling, it takes mere seconds to load into the new area. On the PS5 this is going to be even faster so make sure you appreciate this when you play the game.

Ghost of Tsushima is set to get its big co-op expansion this week in addition to some heavy changes to the main game. You can read all about the upcoming content here.

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