PS5 Graphics “The Best We’ve Yet to See” – Yakuza Developer
PS5 release
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The PS5 is looming on the horizon and before you know it, it will be in our homes too. While the preparations for the console are still being made, developers around the world are already working on PS5 titles using Sony’s dev kit.

Many of these developers have been hush-hush about the power of the console but Yakuza developer, Toshihiro Nagoshi spoke during the SEGA Nama Broadcast stating that the PS5 graphics will be incredible and “the best we’ve yet to see”.

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“We’ve” is obviously referring to the development team. This means the team could be already working on some PS5 titles and utilizing the PS5 graphics and power on offer.

The Yakuza series has been known for its great visuals. The Dragon Engine which is used to run the game manages to deliver some fantastic visuals and with the power of the PS5, these would be enhanced even more.

Nagoshi claims the development team had to think of new gameplay elements which would take advantage of the new power in the PS5. He also claims that the next-gen console movement has potential in A.I and machine learning of which developers need to take advantage of these features.

Sony’s absence at E3 2019 means we are quite a while away from seeing a PS5 reveal in the flesh. However, many third-party developers could be working on cross-gen games already of which we may see at E3 2019. Whatever happens, it is no doubt an exciting time for gaming.







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