PS5 Horizon Forbidden West New Region and Supercell Storms Detailed

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 PlayStation 5
PS5 Horizon Forbidden West New Region and Supercell Storms Detailed

In the latest September 2020 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, more details about the upcoming PS5 exclusive Horizon Forbidden West were revealed. This includes information on the game’s new regions and Supercell Storms which play havoc on Aloy and the world throughout her adventure.

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We know that Horizon Forbidden West takes place in San Francisco. However, the Official PlayStation Magazine claims the game will be set between Utah and the Pacific Ocean. The magazine also confirms players can visit Yosemite Valley. The Golden Gate Bridge in Horizon Forbidden West has already fallen into the ocean. However, players can still recognize the red bridge which is now overgrown with plants. According to the magazine, the bridge acts as a key landmark for the map. At the base of the bridge is a Horus-class Metal Devil which may play a big role in the game.

Stormcell Storms are intense freaks of nature that cause damage and change the world around it. According to the game director, these storms are the cause for damage around the map including the mass flooding. These storms produce red electrical energy sparks that result in the red blight which we have seen infecting the land and killing wildlife and crops.

While these details are still surrounded in mystery, it is nice to hear some new information for the upcoming game. Horizon Forbidden West is currently in development for PS5. Guerilla Games plans on launching the game sometime next year. In addition, the PC version of the first game is out next week. Catch up on the system requirements here.

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