PS5 Specs Rumoured to Be More Powerful Than Xbox “Project Scarlett”
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Microsoft’s upcoming next-gen Xbox console codenamed “Project Scarlett” may not be as powerful as Sony’s next-gen PS5 console according to reports.

According to various developers who have spoken out about the new hardware, the specs of the two next-gen consoles point to the PlayStation 5 having an upper hand. Editor of Game Informer, Andrew Reiner, apparently has spoken to a number of developers that state the PS5 is more powerful than Project Scarlett.

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Andrew has a couple of well-connected contacts in the industry so for him to tweet about something like this could mean there is some truth to the matter. Rumours also say Sony made sure to reveal some of the PS5 specs early to get ahead of the leaks before the PS5 dev kits released to studios.

Other than the statement that the PS5 is more powerful than Project Scarlett, Andrew does not reveal anything else worth noting. According to an IGN reader survey, gamers are more interested in the PS5 than Project Scarlett with most readers siding with Sony’s console when asked which one they would buy.

It will be a while until we actually have the specs on paper for us all to see. E3 is over and Sony’s lack of presence at the show was felt but with the next generation of gaming consoles looming in the distance, there is excitement in the industry for sure.






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