PS5 "is the Better Console" Claims Crytek Engineer
PS5 “is the Better Console” Claims Crytek Engineer
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Crytek rendering engineer Ali Salehi talked about the power difference between the PS5 and Xbox Series X during an interview with Persian gaming website Vigiato. According to the engineer, the specs of the PS5 is not all that it seems and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. In a nutshell, the PS5 is extremely easy to develop for and reaching the console’s peak performance is easier than it is on the Xbox Series X.

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During the interview, Salehi claims that most developers are saying the PS5 is the easiest console they have ever coded on to reach its peak performance.

Software-wise, coding for PS5 is extremely simple and has so many abilities that make the [developers] so free. In total, I can say PS5 is a better console.”

While the Xbox Series X may have more teraflops than the PS5, reaching peak performance of 12 teraflops on it will only be achievable under very specific conditions. Namely, all the hardware parts and the software working together in perfect harmony. The chances of this happening are low. Saheli claims the console will indeed bottleneck and won’t output the 12 teraflops naturally. In comparison, the PS5 will constantly run at 10.28 teraflops.

Saheli explains that the Microsoft Xbox Series X is a lot harder to develop for due to its split RAM and complicated software. It also suffers from the same issue PCs do due to its custom version of Windows in which multiple parts differ bandwidth during operation.

When asked about the difference between the PS5 and Xbox Series X compute units, Saheli claims the teraflops difference isn’t that big.

Therefore, despite the huge difference in CU count, They don’t have that much of Tflops difference. An Interesting thing that one of IGN’s journalists said. He said XSX is like a V8 motor and PS5 is like a V6 one turbo boosted to the max for best efficiency.

We already know that while on paper the Xbox Series X has higher compute counts than the PS5, the difference will not be noticed. Many developers claim that the console power is in par and when it comes down to it, multiplatform games, in particular, won’t see much of a difference as developers will be bound to the lower common denominator.

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Gaming | PlayStation | PS5 “is the Better Console” Claims Crytek Engineer
Gaming | PlayStation | PS5 “is the Better Console” Claims Crytek Engineer






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