Sony is planning on unveiling the PlayStation 5 later today and everyone is waiting in anticipation for the console giant’s reveal. With Microsoft being quite transparent about its upcoming Xbox Series X, PlayStation fans have been left in the dark as they wait for some new PS5 news.

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It seems the wait will be worth it as an industry insider who has both development and technical experience with the PS5 claims it is “the most exciting hardware in 20 years.”.

Since Sony’s announcement of the PS5 reveal event planned for later today, Twitter has blown up with people sharing their thoughts on the console after spending time with it in some way or another. Billy Khan, the lead programmer at id Software and the man behind the latest Doom Eternal (read our review here), claims the console is simply awesome and that next-gen in general is going to be “lit”.

In general, various sources claim that it won’t matter how many teraflops the console can output, rather the experience of the console and in turn, the games.

Sony will be showcasing the PlayStation 5 for the first time today during a special live stream planned for 18:00. You will be able to watch the reveal on the PlayStation Blog at 18:00 South African time. Be sure to stay tuned as we explore the PS5’s features as they are announced.

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