PlayStation 5 Gets its First Official Mention in a Square Enix Job Listing
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So you know the drill with new gaming consoles, right? Everything is called “next-gen” for months before and after they actually exist. Developers refer to their upcoming games as “in development for next-gen consoles” to avoid this – an article hyping the fact that PlayStation 5 is actually coming.

Square Enix let the cat out the bag this afternoon after listing a “New AAA title for PS5” now in development. We know there are a lot of titles in development for next-gen consoles, though it is the first time we have seen the “PS5” console name in the wild.

According to the Linkedin profile of Tomohiro Tokoro, a 3D graphics director and 3D character model lead at Luminous Productions, a Square Enix subsidiary, the job posting clearly states the console and the game in development.


It has since been pulled down but not before @Renka_Schedule managed to screenshot the listing (thank you). Tomohiro Tokoto previously worked on Final Fantasy XV as well as Final Fantasy XIII and Luminous Studios was opened with the purpose of designing innovative new AAA games. They could have something really awesome to show in the coming months.

So PS5 is a thing. This is very, very early still but at least we know there are developers working on future titles for shiny new hardware.






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