While the PS5 might be in short supply at launch later this year, Sony is working hard to ensure the console launches everywhere around the world at the same time. It seems the gaming giant wants to prevent a repeat of the staggered launch the PS4 saw back in 2013 by releasing the PlayStation 5 in all regions on the same day.

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The PS4 launched in North America first and then rolled out in Europe a few weeks later. South Africans then got their hands on the console two weeks after Europe. This sort of launch is not ideal according to Sony and if they have their way, everyone will get their PS5 on the same day.

According to Bloomberg, Jim Ryan, CEO and President at Sony Interactive Entertainment stressed to the company’s supply chain that the PS5’s launch should be simultaneous around the globe. The company will have to prepare manufacturers and logistic plans well in advance in order to make this happen. Not to mention acquire certification and approval from various countries at the same time.

For example, any electronic that is released in SA has to be approved by ICAS first in order to certify that the device meets local power, heat and supply regulations. The PS5 will be no different. Sony no doubt has a handful of challenges to beat this year if they want the PlayStation 5 launch to hit every country at the same time. Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic caused havoc for the company’s PR plans but the year ahead will be riddled with issues and restrictions due to the outbreak.

While the plan sounds great, we are not too positive that we will even get the console by the end of 2020 at this rate.

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