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PS5 Leak Reveals Console Boot Up Sequence, UI, Stand And More

Sony is allowing certain Japanese YouTubers hands-on time with the PlayStation 5 this weekend but it could be something they will soon regret. This morning, loads of leaked information appeared on Reddit including a video of the PS5 boot sequence, UI and a closer look at the console stand. The leaked content seems to come from a Russian user so we don’t know how they got their hands on the device. They could also be living in Japan using Russian system settings.


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The leaks start with the PS5 boot up sequence and user UI. The video down below shows off the console turning on. The beep sound returns too and we get to see the classic PlayStation logo which then loads into the user screen. Unfortunately, the leak does not go further into the UI so don’t expect to see the actual dashboard of the console. According to the leaker, he does have video footage of the UI but will sell it for €100.

The PS5 takes 20 seconds to boot up from cold it seems. For those wondering about the black DualSense Controller, previously we saw the black controllers but only from a dev kit.

Watch the video down below or click here if it gets removed.

The leaks then continue to show off the PS5 stand in detail including the clip and rubber holding mechanism. The stand is the most interesting aspect of the leak here as everyone who purchases a PlayStation 5 will get one and need it in order to use the console. The first image shows how the clip juts out around the stand and when the console is on the surface it clips into the back of the device. The rubber platform also seems to support the device while positioning it vertically.

The image below just shows the bottom of the stand which includes a rubber support ring around it so the console does not slide across the surface.

If only Sony would share this information with users then we would not have to resort to leaks and selling images online. Come on, Sony! Keep in mind that this could all be completely fake too. We don’t know how legit the boot screen video is. Take it with a pinch of salt for now.

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