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PS5 Leak Shows off Available SSD Space and Miles Morales Booting in 7 Seconds

We are just one week away from the launch of the PS5 and while in SA, we still have to wait for an extra week before we can get our hands on the console, prepare for an internet flood of content. It sucks I get it. The US is going to fill every social media platform with videos, memes and gifs. This leaves less to discover when you open up your console on the 19th of November.

Already, we have been bombarded with a massive series of leaks over the past few days. These include a video of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales loading up, the actual PS5 boot sequence and now there are even screenshots of the console’s available SSD space and a video showing off the setup process.


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If you are avoiding hardware spoilers then don’t read any further.

Sony is trying very hard to get every leak under control so if these are gone by the time you read this article I am sorry. Just search Twitter and you will find someone else sharing them. First off we have the PS5 max storage space which has been a debate for some time now. According to a leak, the PS5 comes with 667GB of free storage out of the box on the SSD. You better start saving for an external or internal SSD at this rate.

PS5 SSD Free Space

Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

We then have the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales load times which according to the leaker, the game only takes seven seconds to load up. You can watch it down below. This is thanks to the super-fast PS5 SSD.

There is also a short video floating around showing off the console’s initial set up process where users need to connect their DualSense controller to the console to create their account and sign in. However, the video is constantly being removed by Sony. I watched it this morning and refreshed the page and it was gone.

I reckon this is just the tip of the iceberg here. Unfortunately, unlike Microsoft, Sony has been extremely secretive about the console. Even the initial UI video was half-assed and lacked very important information about the console. We still don’t know which SSDs to look at when upgrading the console’s storage space. We are a week away and barely know anything.

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