PS5 May Be Able to Identify Players Through Their DualSense Controller

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PS5 May Be Able to Identify Players Through Their DualSense Controller

A recent Sony patent suggests the PS5 DualSense controller might be able to identify a user when they pick up the device. Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office a while back and it has since been granted. While much of the patent is just technical wording the summary points to a rather unique PlayStation 5 feature.

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According to the patent, the DualSense could identify a user of the controller via sensors that transmit telemetry data based on outputs.

A system for identifying a user of a controller includes a controller having one or more sensors configured to detect interaction with the controller by the user and a transmitter configured to transmit telemetry data based on outputs of one or more of the sensors… providing a method and an apparatus for determining an identity of a user holding a handheld controller.

What does this mean? Well, it could help the console identify who is holding the controller through these sensors. For example, players could turn on their console by simply picking up the controller. Another user could simply take the controller from you and the console will then load into their profile. How useful is this feature? We don’t know and by the sound of it, it could be more bothersome than anything.

Keep in mind that this patent could cover other PS5 devices other than the DualSense controller. Perhaps the PlayStation 5 camera includes these sensors? Sony’s recent patent suggest the camera will be able to take inputs from multiple users at the same time. This is done through an eye-tracking and image processing system. Perhaps the camera works in combination with these DualSense controller sensors to enable this auto-on feature?

It sounds as if Sony has a load of smaller details the company has yet to share with the public regarding the PS5 accessories.


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