PlayStation South Africa announced the local pricing for the PS5 this morning ahead of its 19 November 2020 release date. The console costs R9,999 for the Digital Edition and R11,999 for the standard model. In addition, users can purchase extra accessories starting at R699 for the media remote and R1,499 for a DualSense Controller.


PS5 Launches in South Africa on 19 November 2020

Take a look at the full price breakdown of all the consoles and accessories down below.

  • PlayStation 5 1TB Digital Edition – R9,999 (RRP)
  • PlayStation 5 1TB Disc Drive – R11,999 (RRP)
  • DualSense Wireless Controller – R1,499 (RRP)
  • PS5 Media Remote – R699 (RRP)
  • PlayStation Pulse Wireless Headset – R2,199 (RRP)
  • HD Camera – R1,299 (RRP)


Expect your local retailer to share pre-order details for the PS5 sometime this week. The console is set to launch in South Africa on 19 November 2020. However, we have a feeling that stock is going to be hard to get hold of. Already, pre-orders opened in the US and most retailers are out of stock.

Sony shared a robust lineup of games for the console including Demon’s Souls, Final Fantasy XVI and more. Catch up on the full showcase announcements down below.

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