PS5 Pro and New Xbox Series Consoles Coming 2024 According To Electronics Company

Electronics company TCL has claimed that it expects a PlayStation 5 Pro (PS5 Pro) and new Xbox Series X/S console to launch by 2024. The Chinese company ranked second in terms of sales volumes for the TV market in 2019, made its console predictions on Wednesday during a presentation attended by Polish publication

During the presentation – which was actually to show off their latest TV range – the company stated that they expect “Gen 9.5” to arrive by 2024, referring to a PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X/S upgraded consoles. The manufacturer went on to suggest that the updated consoles will feature 8K capabilities, with a standard 4K 60-120fps resolution.

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TCL also stated that it expects the supposed PS5 Pro and Xbox Series X/S upgrade to come packed with the equivalent of the future AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT GPU but no word on if the CPU or anything else will change. Current-gen consoles are still suffering major stock shortages due to manufacturing issues with components so it doesn’t seem likely that this claim will hold true.

As stated by Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, the timing of the mid-gen refresh would be correct in normal circumstances but given the ongoing issues regarding manufacturing and keeping up with stock levels, the refresh could be delayed.

“I don’t expect this to be based on any specific concrete product knowledge, but it is a sensible estimate of when an updated PS5 might be expected to come to market (3+ years after launch).

However, the low availability of PS5 and therefore slower than anticipated adoption of the console is likely to impact these timelines. As such, I think it’d be more likely for a mid-cycle upgrade to come late 2024 at the earliest.”

To date, Sony has sold over 19.3 million units of the PS5 but it still fell short of its initial sales targets, citing manufacturing issues from the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, Sony acquired certification for a new PS5 model in Japan, but stated that it will simply be an internal enhancement, and not an aesthetic change.


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