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PS5 Pro is Unlikely to Happen This Generation – Report

Amidst reports that PlayStation is planning to launch a new PS5 model in early 2023, insider Tom Henderson has stepped in to offer a few thoughts regarding the possibility of a PS5 Pro. According to Henderson’s sources, a PS5 Pro model is unlikely to happen this generation for a number of reasons. In fact, he’s heard more about a PS6 at this point than a Pro model.

A recent Twitter thread from Henderson, who has been privy to insider information in the past, claims that Sony may not produce a PS5 Pro this generation. Another report from the insider suggests that the PS5 is getting a new model this year with a detachable disc drive, but it’s not being considered a Pro or Slim model. This is mainly to help Sony focus on a single SKU rather than having its current two model plan.

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On that note, the PS5 with the detachable disc drive will also serve as a way for Sony to reduce the number of consoles in order to combat production costs and avoid further complications. Since the start of the pandemic, Sony has been hit with component shortages which made it difficult for PS5 consoles to be produced to meet the high demand. However, the company recently stated that supply issues are now over and production can resume at a steady rate.

Apart from factoring in high costs to develop new models, the PS5 hardware hasn’t even be utilised to its full potential yet. Arguably there has been some impressive demonstrations of the tech in games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Demon’s Souls and The Last of Us Part I, but many players believe we have yet to see a truly “next-gen” experience that promises those leaps and bounds. Even God of War Ragnarok, Sony’s biggest game of 2023, was still developed with the PS4 in mind.

A PS5 Pro wouldn’t make much sense at this point as consumers are still catching up on purchasing the base console, while development setbacks caused by the pandemic has delayed studios from fully harnessing the potential of the current-gen hardware yet. Either we’re in for a slightly prolonged console generation or we might see a PS6 sooner than anticipated. As with all reports, take this with a pinch of salt.

Source: Tom Henderson

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