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PS5 Pro Reportedly in Development – Might Release in 2024

A PS5 Pro is currently in development at PlayStation, according to a new report. Sony is apparently aiming to release the console in late 2024. Rumours have been circulating online for the past few months that Sony could be developing a PS5 Pro or potentially the PS6 already but if the new leak is anything to by, we’ll see a more powerful version of the PS5 launch next year that may mark the middle point of the current console generation.

The report originates from Insider Gaming which has a reputable track record of industry leaks. According to the site’s sources, a new PS5 model with a detachable disc drive is still on track to release later this year but it’s “just the beginning of new hardware coming to PlayStation users this generation.” A recently published patent by PS5 architect Mark Cerny suggests that Sony is looking to “accelerate” ray tracing performance in its games, which could justify the existence of a more powerful PS5 Pro.

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Unfortunately no other details were revealed about the alleged PS5 Pro. Insider Gaming added that the PS6 is unlikely to release until at least 2028, making the current console generation a bit longer than the previous generation.

The report goes on to mention Jeff Grubb’s rumour about Sony hosting a PlayStation Showcase before E3 this year. Sources claim that the company will reveal more details on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at this event as well as the new PS5 with a detachable disc drive launching in late 2023.

As with all rumours, take this with a pinch of salt. Sony just recently managed to stabilise PS5 console manufacturing so it wouldn’t make sense to drop a PS5 Pro so soon after the company found its footing again with base console sales. Many fans believe that we simply don’t need a PS5 Pro because very few games so far have actually managed to leverage the full capabilities of the console, while the PS4 needed a PS4 Pro model due to the base PS4 quickly falling behind.

Source: Insider Gaming

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