The Sony PlayStation 5, or PS5 as many call it has been in the spotlight for a couple of months already. Sony has not been shy by spilling the details of its upcoming console as just last week we heard about the new DualShock 5 and how it will feature haptic feedback and new trigger thrusters. We also know the console will be making use of SSD technology to minimize loading to almost a non-existent level. But what about the PS5 release date?

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Well, a new rumour has been circling that claims the PS5 release date is set for 4 December 2020. Sony themselves announced last week that the console would launch in “holiday 2020” so this kind of aligns with that. A Slovakian retailer who put up its product listing for the console set the date to 4 December 2020. Keep in mind that this could be a false rumour or just a retailer trying to get some early pre-orders in.

As for the price, the console is listed at €499,99 which again, has not been confirmed yet by Sony. The PS4 began rolling out on 15 November 2013 in the US and released on 29 November in Europe so this date is not far off from the previous console’s launch window. However, take this as a rumour for now as it is still very early to tell what Sony has planned for the PS5 release date and rollout.

We have heard reports that Sony plans on announcing the console in February 2020 so we will learn more then. The PS5 still has a full year of announcements to come including games, design, more features and pricing so don’t go and pre-order anything from that retailer just yet.

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