PS5 Release Date Could Be November 2020 at $499 – Expected to Sell 22 Million Units by March 2022
PS5 release date
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We know the PS5 is currently in development after Sony released the first official details of the upcoming console a few weeks ago. A powerful Ray-Tracing GPU, an SSD for super fast loading and a powerful CPU that could support 8K are just few features we can expect on the console. Everyone seems to be banking on a November 2020 PS5 release date.

Ace Research Institute Analysts Hideki Yasuda, who is known for his predictions in the gaming industry, released his quarterly analysis of Sony’s current business model which included a couple of forecasts for the company for the years ahead.

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According to the analyst, the new PS5 console will be focusing on eliminating the flaws of the PS4 by using its most powerful assets to create a brand new and more powerful gaming experience to its users. Yasuda expects the console to launch in November 2020 at a retail price of $499. He claims that Sony could bank on the console selling around 6 million units within its first fiscal year on the market and hit 15 million by March 2022.

Yasuda also mentions that Google’s cloud gaming console, Stadia won’t be a threat for the PS5 at all. Keep in mind that this is still based on a well-informed industry analyst and anything could happen. However, by the looks of things, he could be spot on with this predictions.

Sony is yet to reveal any further information regarding the upcoming console such as pricing and PS5 release date.






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