Sony CEO Jim Ryan Details Next-Gen PS5 Release Plans and More

We know a lot about the upcoming PS5 console considering how little Sony has revealed to us. We know it will include a powerful SSD, raytracing support and much more but at the same time we know very little about it too. Sony revealed some useful information about the PS5 release plans which gives us some insight into the console’s rollout.

At its Investor Relations Day 2019, Sony CEO Jim Ryan held a presentation on the future of PlayStation and the route the company will be taking to ensure PS5 is a success. Sony claims that the PlayStation brand has never been in better shape and they are confident and excited for the years ahead.

Sony “has never been stronger and has never performed better. The brand has never been more relevant, loved, bigger and more engaged” according to Ryan. He claims that no competitor, existing or potential can match the company in these areas – an obvious punt against Google’s Stadia and Microsoft.

Ryan claims that the transition to next-gen will be faster and more seamless than ever before thanks to backwards compatibility

Sony touched on a few aspects of the business during the rally including the high sales of games like God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Last of Us Remastered, all hitting over 10 million copies sold. Ryan also revealed that 90% of all PS4 consoles ever sold have connected to the PSN over the last 12 months and PS4 owners spend over 21 hours a week in average playing games.

Speaking about the PS5, Ryan stated that he has seen nothing so transformational at such an early stage and that it promises to “harness the power of new technology to offer completely transformative and immersive gaming experiences”.

Ryan claims that the transition to next-gen will be faster and more seamless than ever before thanks to backwards compatibility. Ryan promises to get the launch of the PS5 right and learn from the failure of the PS3.

The PS4 is also said to remain profitable for the next three years or so as it will still receive new game releases and support from Sony for years to come. Ryan mentioned that Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and Death Stranding are all PS4 titles. Chances are high that Sony will re-release them for PS5 taking advantage of the powerful hardware.

We are still a way off from PS5 being a reality but the excitement is no doubt in the air. PS5 owners have some high expectations from the brand after doing so well with the current console. Sony will no doubt that their time and make sure the rollout of the next-gen console is done correctly.

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