PS5 Remote Play App Appears on PS4 and Who Will Use This Again?
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It seems Sony wants users to remote play PS5 games on their PS4. The company has just added a new “PS5 Remote Play” app to the current console with the rollout starting in Japan. According to Twinfinite, the app popped up on a user’s Japanese PSN account but not on their EU or NA side yet.


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According to the app, users can search for their PS5 console on a local network and choose to stream content from the console at 1080p, 720p or 540p. By the look of things, this will allow users to stream PS5 games to their PS4 consoles using the Remote Play feature so you can technically play next-gen games anywhere in your house if you have the old console connected. However, Sony has yet to officially announce the app or capabilities of it.

PS5 Remote Play PS4 app

Image Credit: Twinfinite

Is there a point to this all? I don’t see it being used by many people but there could be exceptions. Perhaps users have multiple TVs and want to play PS5 without having to move the console across the house. Sure, you won’t get the 4K HDR gaming experience but it could be helpful for those short burst sessions while your partner watches The Mandalorian.

Hopefully, Sony will share more information on the app in the coming days. Keep in mind that the PS5 is launching this week in the US and we are only discovering new things about it now. For example, we recently learnt that users cannot store PS5 games on an external SSD and you cannot even upgrade the internal SSD at launch.






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