PS5 Sales Almost Hit 20 Million But Switch Remains Best-Selling Console

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PS5 Sales Almost Hit 20 Million But Switch Remains Best-Selling Console

Nintendo cannot sell its Switch console fast enough. According to VGChartz, the company has surpassed 107.19 million units in its lifetime and the past few weeks have proved to be a huge success for Nintendo when it came to console sales compared to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Nintendo managed to sell 271k units for the week ending on 23 April 2022 leaving Sony and Microsoft trailing behind. Keep in mind that the PS5 is still incredibly tough to get hold of so it seems people are buying Nintendo Switch consoles instead.

The PlayStation 5 sold 173k units during the same period pushing Sony’s sales to 19.06 million since its launch back in 2020. The Xbox Series X/S sold 151k during the same period and is now sitting on 14.32 million lifetime sales.

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In general, console sales are down when you compare the PS5 to the PS4 over the same period of time. The lack of console stock is a major contributing factor to that. The PS5 is down by over 22k units compared to the PS4. The Xbox Series X/S is up by 69k units compared to the same week during the console’s lifetime.

VGChartz says there’s a flatline to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S sales. While the PS5 and Nintendo Switch have seen a spike in sales over April, Microsoft’s consoles haven’t gained the same amount of traction. Console sales have been flat week-on-week throughout the month.

The Nintendo Switch still remains king of sales across the globe. It has surpassed 107 million units globally and will soon overtake the PS4, which sits at 114 million lifetime console sales. The PS5, while being incredibly difficult to get hold of might break 20 million by the end of June. Microsoft, on the other hand, is still struggling to sell consoles in Asia and Oceania with only 15k Xbox Series X/S consoles sold over April.

Source: VGChartz

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