Out of nowhere, Sony seems to have instructed retailers across Europe and the US to open up sign-ups for the upcoming PlayStation 5. Various legitimate retailers like Best Buy, Game, Distinhome, Game Mania and Ned Game now have official PS5 sign-up pages live for customers to fill in their details for any pre-orders news and other announcements.

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There’s nothing much to see on these pages other than placing your email address into a box and submitting it. Some retailers go into detail about the console like Game that gives a little information about the SSD hardware and controller. Best Buy simply has a box with an email field saying “sign up to be notified” and “PlayStation 5, Holiday 2020”.

As for the other retailers, NedGame is offering a € 50 pre-order deposit and Dustinhome actually has the price listed as 9 990 kr (Swedish Krona). Of course, Sony has yet to reveal the price tag of the console so this will change.

It is not the first time we have seen retailers put the PS5 console up for pre-order. However, we suggest you stay away from any actual money needed to place them. Perhaps signing up for more information is better than paying for something that has yet to be revealed. Once the console’s official announcement takes place early next year, then PS5 a pre-order page will open everywhere.

Check out all the retailer’s links we could find;

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