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PS5 Slim Disc Drive Requires Internet Connection to Set Up

The new PS5 Slim console is set to launch in early November and if you don’t know, it comes with an optional disc drive attachment which you can purchase and install onto the console. So if you purchase the Digital Edition PS5 Slim, you can essentially turn it into a disc drive model later down the line.

New information claims that an internet connection is required in order to attach this disc drive to the console. According to a leaked image of the packaging, Sony has locked activation of the disc drive behind a server-based authentication process.

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The packaging on the new PS5 Slim box says “Internet connection required to pair Disc Drive and PS5 console upon setup”. Keep in mind that this seems to be a once-off connection requirement and won’t need to be connected to the internet all the time. However, it does raise some questions on whether or not the disc drive is paired to your console permanently after activation.

Perhaps you decide you no longer need the disc drive, can you remove it and give it to a friend? Will they be able to pair the disc drive to their PS5 Slim console without any issues? It could be that the disc drive pairs to your PS5 serial number and once activated, the server stores this information and locks down further activations on other consoles.

The news also raises some concerns over preservation. While it isn’t an issue now, gamers fear that in a few year’s time, if Sony were to discontinue the PS5 service, the disc drive would be useless if it can’t be activated online.

Again, it is still too early to tell how limited this disc drive’s functionality is without or without the internet. The connection requirement might simply be in order to check for firmware. If that’s the case, users can likely bypass this in later PS5 updates.

Until the new PS5 Slim arrives in stores, we’ll just have to guess what the situation is surrounding this online activation.

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