PS5 Slim

PS5 Slim Has Roughly 840GB of Free SSD Storage Out of The Box

The PS5 Slim definitely has a larger SSD than the launch console. Sony did confirm that the PS5 Slim comes with a 1TB SSD compared to the 825GB found in the original console. However, when you boot up the launch console for the first time, that 825GB actually works out to around 667GB of usable space.

The rest of the storage space is taken up by the operating system, some pre-installed apps and other cache data. This didn’t leave gamers with a lot of free space at all. Granted, you can now install an expandable SSD into the upgrade slot but at launch, that feature was locked.

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The PS5 Slim, on the other hand, makes life a bit easier. The 1TB SSD is larger in theory and even with the pre-installed apps and operating system, the free space comes to roughly 842GB. This is quite a large difference between the 667GB on the launch unit (you can ‘maybe’ install Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 now).

Users report that with barebones updates and no saved data, the PS5 Slim has around 200GB more free space compared to the launch PS5. This is great news for gamers. It means you can likely install two extra games on the console if these games are around 100GB big.

You’ll want to upgrade your SSD on the PS5 at some point. Games seem to be getting larger and larger as the months go by. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, for example, is now sitting at roughly 175GB.

The PS5 Slim is rolling out in certain regions this week. The console features a slimmer and lighter design than the original console. However, apart from the size, recent teardowns confirm the console uses the same power supply and 6nm SoC.

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