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PS5 Slim Teardowns Reveal Same 6nm Chip, Cooling Changes and More

Unboxings and teardowns of the new PS5 Slim have appeared online thanks to some early hands-on with YouTubers in the United States. The console is expected to launch this week in certain regions and comes with a few hardware tweaks including a smaller and thinner design, it is lighter in weight and there’s an optional detachable disc drive which lets you upgrade the Digital Edition into a disc model.

Compared to the latest “phat” PS5 model, the new PS5 Slim is 2.6 kg and 3.2 kg heavy for the Digital and Disc versions compared to the 3.4 kg and 3.9 kg. It also comes with a new quad console cover design where users can replace all four square-looking covers with different colours sometime later down the line.

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One thing I noticed when watching these teardowns is how Sony cheaped out on the new PS5 Slim horizontal stand. If you don’t know, the new PS5 needs an additional stand in order to prop it upright. However, if you want to lay it down you can, by using two plastic clips that come in the box. These clips look cheaply designed and compared to the included stand on the original PS5, they are definitely a major downgrade in quality.

But while the outside of the console is “new”, it isn’t much different. The big changes are definitely hiding within the console itself. Thanks to these new teardowns, we get a closer look at some of the internal workings of the PS5 Slim including the main board and even the fan.

The fan includes 19 blades. This is slightly different from the 17 and 23-blade versions we saw across the various PS5 phat consoles. Sony has also drastically reduced the heatsink design on the new PS5 Slim console too. The original console included quite a large number of heatsink strips and copper pipes. This was cut down slightly with the two later phat consoles. The PS5 Slim, however, includes two thinner radiators and copper heat pipes.

The teardowns also reveal that the new PS5 Slim includes the same chip as the previous 6nm models. This means the power supply hasn’t changed. Nor has the power usage. Videos also claim that the fan noise has slightly changed on the console too. For example, the new PS5 Slim is slightly louder when standing upright compared to laying it down. It is the other way around on the phat console.

If you’re into these teardown videos and want to see the inner workings of the PS5, check them out down below.

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