The PS5 SSD is fantastic when it comes to speed but when it comes to size, users are going to struggle. According to the same leaker who posted the PlayStation 5 boot-up sequence, stand and UI images, the console’s OS and pre-installed software takes up around 200GB of space. This leaves users with only 625GB of free space on the SSD to install games, record captures and store save game data.


A post on ResetEra reveals the free storage space is actually 665GB. This is 40GB higher than the Reddit leaker claimed it to be.


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Keep in mind that this is still unconfirmed so take it with a pinch of salt. However, the Reddit user who claims to have the PS5 in his hands confirmed that his unit has 625GB of free storage with nothing else installed on it. This means that 200GB of the SSD is allocated to the OS including the pre-installed Astro’s Playroom. We also don’t know what else Sony has installed on the console for us to experience on launch.

Keep mind that like all storage devices, the PS5 SSD is also not technically 825GB. You know that when you buy a 1TB HDD it is not actually 1TB of data. The PlayStation 5 SSD is most likely 780 – 800GB of actual storage. This means the OS takes up quite a chunk. Sony may also use part of the SSD for other system management tasks such as quick resume and background processes.

Again, this user has yet to share any real proof. He is holding it all for ransom and is only prepared to share more information if people pay him. He could be a scam artist so take this news as it comes. However, the 625GB of free space sounds plausible given the console’s OS. Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series X, while shipping with a 1TB SSD, only has 802GB of free space so this sounds about right.

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