PS5 Stock Confirmed For South Africa in Wave 4 Drop Releasing March 2021
"Loads of more PS5 consoles will arrive in March"
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PlayStation South Africa has confirmed that more PS5 stock will arrive in South Africa in March 2021. This news comes the day after Sony confirmed that 3 million more units are expected to ship worldwide before the end of March. This is good news for South Africans who have been struggling to get their hands on the console since its launch back in November 2020.


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Local retailers have already confirmed with us that their PS5 stock allocations will be going live throughout the next few weeks as pre-orders open for wave 4. Already, BT Games has opened up pre-order pages for the units. In addition Nexus Hub has launched a sign-up page where users can register for stock. This approach helps prevent scalpers from nabbing all the stock before actual consumers get to them.

At this time we cannot confirm how many PS5 units will be arriving in South Africa. It goes without saying that if you have been searching for one, you best pre-order when you see a listing. There won’t be any earlier drops of stock until March 2021. As always, you should keep your eyes on retailers such as BT Games, Nexus Hub, Koodoo, Makro, Incredible Connection, Game, Game4U and Takealot.

We will continue to share new stock listings as soon as we spot them. Make sure you follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.






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