PS5 Supports Wi-Fi 6 And BlueTooth 5.1 and That is Great News
"The PS5 wireless chip is future-proof."

New details on the PS5 have appeared online. This morning, we reported that Sony published its official PlayStation 5 pre-order page. Now, we have learnt that the console’s wireless technology is future-proof with both Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 support.

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According to an Anatel document approving the wireless module inside the console, the PS5 supports various wireless frequencies. This includes BlueTooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 also known as 2×2 MIMO. This means the Wi-Fi on the PS5 is going to be pretty great. In addition, it supports various channels including 20MHz/40MHz and 80MHz. It is also capable of 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth. All this is spaced between 1 and 165 channels.

You can see the official document down below showing off the actual wireless chip inside the PS5 console. It gives us the first glimpse at an internal chipset of the PS5. Although it is just the wireless chip, it is better than nothing.

PS5 PlayStation 5 Wi-fi 6 Bluetooth 5.1

What does this mean for the console? Not only will it be able to provide faster downloads and a more stable online connection, but it also hints at future hardware coming to the PS5. A wireless chip of this power could hint at a wireless PS VR 2 headset in the distant future. In addition, it means the improved range for the DualSense controller and less energy usage at the same time.

In comparison, this PlayStation 5 wireless chipset is a day and night difference between the PS4. Sure, the PS4 Pro included a better chip and 5GHz support but it is still far off from the capabilities of the next-gen console.

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