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PS5 Teardown – 4 Things We Finally Learnt About Sony’s Console

Sony released the first official PS5 teardown video which finally showcased the inside of the console. However, beyond a bunch of chips and wires, we learnt a lot about Sony’s upcoming console. If anything, this video was the one we have been waiting for. Not only did the teardown give us a better look at the internals of the console, Sony shared some information which all users need to be aware of.


PS5 Teardown – Here’s What The inside of The PlayStation 5 Looks Like

1. We Know The PS5 Faceplates Can be Swapped

PS5 Faceplates

One interesting thing readers have asked us is whether or not the PlayStation 5 will come in a black version. It seems Sony wants users to make their own PS5 thanks to the swappable faceplates. In the teardown, the console maker gave us a closer look at the faceplate removal and it seems they have built the console to be modified. Firstly, both faceplates are removable without the need of a screw. You simply lift the overlapping side and slide them off. Previously, we predicted this would be the case and users would purchase these custom faceplates individually. While this is not confirmed yet, it is just a matter of time before Sony releases its own range of faceplates.

2. It is Not hard to Upgrade the PS5 Storage

PS5 Storage

Up to now, we had no idea how we would install larger m.2 SSD drives into the PlayStation 5. Many reports claimed the company would release cartridges which contained custom SSDs. However, that is not the case. Installing a bigger SSD on the console seems simple enough. You remove the faceplate, unscrew the metal housing and install your M.2 drive. Keep in mind that Sony has yet to confirm what SSDs the console will support. We know they will need to match Sony’s super-fast built-in drive. However, the company will approve any compatible drives closer to launch.

3. We Can Clean the Fan Ourselves

PS5 Fan

The original PS4 had one major issue; users could not clean the fan without voiding their warranty. Lucky, the PS4 Pro and Slim came with removable faceplates which allowed users access to the fan. They could then clean it using a cloth or blowing compressed air into the hole. In Sony’s teardown, we get a closer look at the fan which is situated in the middle of the console. The fan has a double intake design as well as dust collectors which users can easily access by removing the faceplates. This will no doubt help later down the line when the dust has built up on the console. A simple faceplate removed and you can clean the fan and dust collectors.

4. The Stand is Awesome

Sony really thought about everything when it came to the stand. They know all users need it so not only did they bundle it with every console but they also made it user friendly. During the teardown, we can see the stand is removed when verticle by using a screw. You can then take the screw and place it in a little compartment built into the stand. The same compartment houses a nifty little seal which closes the hole where the screw comes from. It gets better. Users can then rotate the stand to hide the screw compartment away before clipping the stand back on the console to lay it flat. While this is not a big deal, it just looks so easy to use and we don’t need to buy it this time around!

You can watch the full teardown here.

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