PS5 Trademark in India Owned by Someone Who Sold Counterfeit PlayStation Products
"Sony is unable to sell the PS5 in India due to the trademark conflict."

While the PS5 is set to launch in a few weeks and just over a month here in SA, India is not getting the console at launch and it is thanks to one man. Sony was very quiet about the release of the console in the country. Even after the date and pricing reveal, gamers living in India were in the dark about the plans. It seems Sony was forced to delay the launch of the console due to a trademark conflict with someone who already filed the PS5 trademark. The worst part, this person has an Amazon store to sell counterfeit controllers and PlayStation accessories.


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Someone on Reddit spotted the store called Kakooze. The owner of the brand is the same guy who registered the PS5 trademark before Sony got their hands on it. Kakooze is none other than a place to purchase counterfeit PlayStation hardware and accessories. You know we have the “Double Shock 4” in SA? Same thing.

According to the latest update on the trademark, the user filed a counter opposition against Sony and its PS5 trademark saying the console is harming his goodwill in India. In addition, he claimed Sony is not the original owner of the product and trademark either.

Users on Reddit claim to have purchased from Kakooze before. Upon delivery, they discovered the DualShock 4 controllers were just cheap knock offs. It seems the owner is trying to take Sony for a run while making money off the PlayStation brand. We don’t know what the latest situation is surrounding the trademark dispute as the legal case is kept under wraps.

There is a very low chance that Sony will make its 19 November release for the PS5 India. Unfortunately, whoever owns this trademark seems to be milking the situation. The owner seems to be standing by his belief that he does indeed own the trademark and the whole lawsuit is ruining his reputation.

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