PS5 Trophies Will Reward Players with Avatars, Themes and Banners
"Players can show off their hard work."

Sony is rewarding trophy hunters who go out of their way to unlock challenging trophies on the PS5. It seems certain games and their subsequent trophies will unlock themes, avatars and other goodies for earning them.


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Up to now, this feature was limited to very specific games and worked in two ways. You could either unlock themes in-game by reaching a certain point. Kingdom Hearts had this feature in the HD collection. Either that or Sony would email gamers when they unlocked the platinum on certain titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and Bloodborne. However, this was usually a hit or miss as some gamers never got the emails.

The PS5 trophy reward system is going to be a little different. During the PS5 UI showcase, a user spotted certain trophies on the home screen that included rewards in them. The trophies were listed for Destruction All-Stars and the gold trophy titled “Wreckognised” unlocked a profile avatar for your PSN account. Another PS5 bronze trophy called “Rookie” gives you a profile banner.

It is unclear how many games will support this feature. However, it is good news for gamers who love hunting down trophies. It also makes the rewards system easier to take part in. Instead of hoping that Sony mails you the code for that theme (I am still waiting for my Bloodborne Platinum theme from 2015), you can simply earn the trophy and immediately unlock the reward. We are looking forward to seeing the kinds of content players can unlock through the PS5 trophy rewards system. It is definitely a great way to show off your skills in certain games.

Catch up on the PS5 UI showcase down below, and let us know if this gives you more reason to unlock trophies down in the comments section.

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