Sony announced the PS5 console last week in a surprise reveal trailer. Many believed we would not get a glimpse at the actual console. However, Sony decided to showcase not only the console but the accessories too. There are even some cool hidden PlayStation symbols on the console which you’ll miss if you don’t look for them. Those of you wondering whether or not the PlayStation 5 will get a new UI and special edition versions wonder no more.

According to PlayStation’s Vice President of UX (User Experience) Matt LcLaurin, the PS5 UI has been completely redesigned in comparison to the current console. While he did not share any specifics on the look and feel, Matt states that it is a “complete rearchitecting of the user interface.” Sony did give us a short glimpse at the UI during the reveal. However, it is unconfirmed whether or not it’s the actual UI at this time.

PS5 Console PlayStation 5 Special Editions

As for the PS5 console itself, it is very different from anything Sony has created in the past. The memes make it clear that many people love it while others hate it. Furthermore, some fans have gone as far as to create their own design mockup including a black one and classic grey model. When asked if fans can expect any PlayStation 5 special edition consoles, Matt replied saying fans will definitely be seeing special editions.

He then went on to explain that the PS5 console is a lot more customizable in ways the previous gens weren’t.

“You can count on even more beautiful special editions. Customization with special editions will be beyond anything seen before.”

So there you have it. We always knew the PS5 console would be highly customizable. It makes us excited to think about the ways Sony could go about tweaking the outer shell to launch cool editions of the console alongside games. The future is looking great. Catch up on our next-gen coverage down below;

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