PS5 UI Reportedly Leaked Showing Off New Menu Design
"Could this be the PS5 home screen?"

The PS5 UI has reportedly been leaked according to a new photo showcasing the console’s home screen on a dev kit. Now, before you rage at me in the comment section, we have seen the PS4 dev kit’s UI and it is the same as the retail console so this could well be what the retail version of the PS5 will look like.

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The photo comes from Reddit where a source uploaded the home menu photo showing off a load of system information, a Decima Engine development build as well as an app or game called TTE. The console seems to be running a beta version of the PS5 system software 0.100.020. It also reveals the console could pack a 1TB SSD as the dev kit showcases the available free space at 891GB of 1012GB free.

One thing to notice is the PlayStation logos which could be dynamic. According to the image, the “X” is above the last block which could mean they float around on the screen and move about while you use your console.

Some new changes on the home menu include a new trophy display bar that shows how many trophies you have unlocked in the game right under the title’s name. Every game seems to also include an Overview, News, and Add-Ons section which can be easily accessed.

While this looks quite legit, take it with a pinch of salt for now until we see the PS5 UI in the flesh next month. This is, however, a great glimpse at what is to come. We will have to wait until next month’s PlayStation 5 event which according to rumours is less than four weeks away.

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