PS5 UI Reveal Teased by Burger King For This Week

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PS5 UI Reveal Teased by Burger King For This Week

Burger King and Sony are teaming up to reveal something this week. The fast-food chain posted a cryptic tweet this morning with the Burger King mascot peering into a food bag only to be welcomed with a blue light and PS5 sound.


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Now, if you remember back to the June PS5 reveal, Sony did tease the UI of the console. While it was brief, we got a look at the login screen and the sound it makes when someone turns on the console. This sound is the same one in the Burger King video.

Here’s the original PS5 UI tease

Now take a look at the Burger King tweet down below;

The video ends with a date pointing to 15 October 2020. That is this Thursday. The official PlayStation account then went on to retweet the video with eyes and ear emoji. While it does not confirm anything, clearly the two brands have something planned for this week.

Then again, it could also mean nothing at all. Perhaps the Burger King has teamed up with Sony to give away a PS5 console? This is nothing new during a console launch. Taco Bell worked with Microsoft to give away some Xbox Series X consoles. In addition, Doritos is currently running a PS5 giveaway campaign too. Not to mention here in SA, Pringles is giving away Xbox Series X consoles.

This could be a UI reveal but it could also just be a giveaway. Either way, we will know more on 15 October.


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