We know the PS5 will have a crazy-fast SSD that will change the landscape for gaming by improving everything you do on the console. A new patent has revealed how the PlayStation 5 will let you launch into a specific part of a game as fast as you would load up an episode of a show on Netflix.

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The patent was first filed back in 2018 but only published last week. Gamesradar spotted the patent which describes the PS5 feature as “Dynamic Interfaces for Launching Direct Gameplay”. In a nutshell, this template allows you to load up a game the way you would usually do so on your PS4 but almost instantly. It also then allows the system to present users with several templates for jumping into in-game activities as if they have already loaded up the game and launched the game modes.

To put it into perspective, users will be able to launch a game’s mission, mode and even checkpoint without having to go straight into the main menu and then load up the game. It kind of sounds like the PlayStation 5 might kill main menus in video games. There will be no loading screens or waiting time. Think of the PS4’s standby mode that lets you put the console into a low-power state and instantly jump back into the action when you turn it on. On the PS5, however, you will be able to do this without having the game already loaded and without a low-power state.

Mark Cerny teased this feature during the Road to PS5 stream last week saying that PS5 users can “jump right into whatever you like” on the console. The SSD and the provided system bandwidth will power this experience by delivering a super-fast UI and low load time that will be as if you are launching an episode of a show on Netflix.

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