PS5 YouTube App Now Supports HDR

"High Dynamic Range changes everything"

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PS5 YouTube App Now Supports HDR

It only took a year to happen but the PS5 YouTube app now has HDR support. Up to now, the app was unable to display HDR videos even though the PS5 UI itself is always running in HDR. When users launched an HDR video on YouTube through their PS5, it would disable the imaging technique and output standard 4K without the high dynamic range tone mapping.

Thankfully, that is now a thing of the past. Once you have updated the YouTube app on your PS5, it will now display HDR content as intended. This means specific videos, that have been uploaded with a high dynamic range and wide colour gamut tone map, will now look better than ever on your TV.

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Speaking of TV, you’ll of course need an HDR-compatible device to view this content. This means your TV or monitor has to be HDR compliant else the PS5 won’t even kick into HDR mode when you turn it on. Most 4K TVs come with support out of the box these days. However, if you play on a monitor just check its support. You will know your TV or monitor supports HDR format by heading to the setting tab as listed below:

  • Enable HDR on PS5 – Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output > HDR
  • Adjust HDR on PS5 – Settings > Screen and Video > Adjust HDR

If you don’t have these settings then your TV or monitor does not support the feature. You also just watch some cool HDR videos on your TV to see the difference. I highly recommend The HDR Channel but there are hundreds of beautiful videos to watch.

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