PSVR 2 PlayStation Mass Production Soon

PSVR 2 Reportedly Going Into Mass Production Soon

PSVR 2 will reportedly go into mass production soon, according to a reputable Chinese supply chain analyst. The report suggests that Chinese manufacturer Geortek will start producing PSVR 2 units, and an official announcement from Sony and PlayStation is expected to happen early this year.

As reported by hardware analyst Brad Lynch, the Chinese manufacturer Geortek will be in charge of mass producing PSVR 2 soon. No exact timeline was given, but many are expecting Sony to make an official announcement before or around the launch of Gran Turismo 7 this March as it’s the biggest AAA PlayStation exclusive that might benefit the most from the virtual reality experience.

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Sony has yet to make any formal announcements about the release date, pricing or exact components of PSVR 2. The company put out a blog post in early 2021 confirming the next generation virtual reality system coming to PS5, stating that they were hard at work on it. However, if the report about it going into mass production soon is true, then we don’t have to wait much longer as an official reveal could be right around the corner.

Many fans speculate that PSVR 2 could potentially target a holiday 2022 release, which would make sense. PlayStation have yet to announce any potential games coming to their new generation VR system, but we presume they’ll have a good line-up to fill in their holiday 2021 window.

As for which games we could see on the system, it’s possible that Capcom will deliver a VR experience for Resident Evil Village, much like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which was a system seller and high point of the original PSVR unit. Fans are also hoping to see Half-Life Alyx on the PSVR 2, which previously released in 2020 for most PC-compatible VR headsets.

We’ll just have to sit tight and see if these reports are true, which could mean that we’ll have our hands on PSVR 2 much sooner rather than later.

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