Sony Will Not Host Their Annual PSX 2018 This Year
PSX 2018
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Sony usually celebrates December with a bang. Their annual PSX 2018 event takes places in Los Vegas where they announce new games and even show off gameplay and reveal release dates for some high-anticipated titles. Some of the Sony biggest released and upcoming games have been revealed their such as the Final Fantasy VII: Remake as well as Days Gone. It seems that Sony will not be hosting the event this year as Shawn Laden, chairman of Worldwide Studios revealed on the PlayStation Blogcast that the company has decided to give it a skip.

During the Blogcast, Shawn explains that the event began as a celebration of the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. It has been a consumer-focused event for the past few years but for 2018, Sony has decided to not host the PlayStation Experience. The reason behind this decision is that although Sony has a lot down the line in 2019/2020 with games like Dreams and Days Gone, there is just not enough to share with the fans that will bring them together for an epic PlayStation event. Listen to the Blogcast below. The announcement is made around the 10:30 mark

Shawn explains that it was a hard decision but the progress of upcoming games just does not warrant an event. Sony does not want to set the expectations high and not be able to deliver on past event’s success.

Well, that means no PSX 2018 I guess. I for one, am not surprised. Last year the PSX event was a bit lacklustre with a large focus on PS VR and not much else. If Sony is moving into the next-gen by the end of next year then perhaps the event will return.







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