Quantic Dream Dismisses Star Wars Eclipse Delay Rumours

"Workforce is also up 50 percent"

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Quantic Dream Dismisses Star Wars Eclipse Delay Rumours

Star Wars Eclipse developer Quantic Dream has dismissed the recent rumours that claim the game would be delayed internally to at least 2027 or 2028. The studio responded to these claims in a new statement, also directly addressing reports about the studio apparently struggling to hire new staff.

In a response to PlayStation Lifestyle, Quantic Dream indirectly addresses reputable insider Tom Henderson’s claims that Star Wars Eclipse would be delayed due to the studio struggling to find new staff after putting out job listings. Their response is certainly surprising.

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The full response from Quantic Dream’s PR firm reads:

“Star Wars Eclipse has not been delayed because Quantic Dream never announced or promised a launch window for the title. Additionally, the studio announced today its hiring of over 50 percent of its workforce across its Paris and Montreal offices in the last year. Job postings can be deceiving. Recruiting remains active as it works on Star Wars Eclipse, third-party publishing, and unannounced projects.”

It’s interesting to note that Quantic Dream doesn’t actually deny that Star Wars Eclipse still has a long way to go before launch. In fact, their hiring of over 50 percent of its workforce across their Paris and Montreal offices contradicts reports that they were struggling to recruit staff too.

Star Wars Eclipse was announced earlier this year coming from Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream. Not much is actually known about the game, but it will be set in the High Republic era. Judging by the studio’s style of game, we assume it will be a narrative-driven game with player choices impacting outcomes of future events and characters.

Star Wars Eclipse is currently in development, though no release window has been revealed yet.

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Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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