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Quantic Dream Reportedly Working on a Medieval Fantasy Game

Quantic Dream, the developers behind Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, are reportedly working on another project besides the recently announced Star Wars Eclipse. This “humor based” medieval fantasy game is apparently The Dark Sorcerer, a demo that was shown by the studio all the way back in 2013. Some details have now surfaced about what it might entail.

As reported by AccountNGT, who is somewhat reputable since they leaked images of Star Wars Eclipse before its announcement, Quantic Dream is also working on The Dark Sorcerer (or a game based on it), which took the form of a demo shown off in 2013. The leaker provided a few details about the game, but we recommend taking it with a grain of salt for now.

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According to the leak, this new medieval fantasy title from Quantic Dream will be “humor based”, which many speculate might be similar to Fable and its own unique brand of comedy. The core team working on the game is located in Paris. Apparently, it will be “more advanced than Star Wars Eclipse“, though no specifics were given. Lastly, it will be cross-gen meaning it will hit both old and new generation consoles and PC – though the leaker states that this could change due to the studio’s new strategy.

Rumour has it that Quantic Dream are having a hard time acquiring new talent to work on Star Wars Eclipse due to the backlash surrounding its founder David Cage, and the studio’s fall from grace that saw them accused of having a toxic work environment and misconduct.

Given the circumstances and the massive undertaking of a Star Wars project, it remains to be seen how Quantic Dream will handle two highly ambitious projects simultaneously. You can watch the E3 2013 demo for The Dark Sorcerer below:

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