A while back we reported on a new Star Wars game in development at Quantic Dream. For those who don’t know, Quantic Dream is the studio that brought us Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain and other heavy narrative-driven games. More details on this new Star Wars game have leaked online through well-sourced insider Jeff Grubb. According to Grubb, the Quantic Dream game is called Star Wars Eclipse and is ready to be announced.

Quantic Dream might announce Star Wars Eclipse before the end of the year according to Grubb. Our guess, it might debut at The Game Awards which is said to host around 40-50 games this year.

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Grubb says that Star Wars Eclipse is set during the High Republic Era. This High Republic Era is a relatively new setting in the Star Wars series. It was only introduced earlier this year through new comics and books. The High Republic Era is set 2000 years before the original Star Wars prequel trilogy and was a time of peace thanks to the strong Jedi presence throughout the galaxy.

According to reports, Star Wars Eclipse is nothing like past Quantic Dream games. While it features heavy narrative-driven, decision-based gameplay, it is also an open-world action-adventure. It will also feature a multiplayer component. However, we don’t know yet how this mode ties into the game.

If Star Wars Eclipse is being announced before the end of the year then we will see it debut during the Game Awards next month. It takes place on 9 December. The Game Awards nominations are being announced tomorrow in a special live stream. You can watch it here or down below.

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Source: GiantBomb

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