FPS Horror “Quantum Error” Announced for PS5 and PS4

Quantum Error TeamKill Media PS5
FPS Horror “Quantum Error” Announced for PS5 and PS4

TeamKill Media has announced a brand new FPS horror game called Quantum Error in development for PS5 and PS4. Very little is known about the game as of now besides its short, and quite frankly boring reveal trailer that takes way too long to get anywhere. There’s no release date or window for this game at the moment but we do know it will be arriving on PS5 and PS4 when it does release.

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According to the developers, the teaser trailer shows the game running in-engine. Nothing spectacular happens in the trailer to show off the game’s mechanics, story or feature and even the visuals are met with a bland and uninspired dark corridor as you sit and watch the main character reload his shotgun for a few seconds.

Quantum Error is being developed on the Unreal Engine and is set on Earth in 2019. By what we gather, the game will see players survive a “cosmic horror” setting. Right now, it all looks and sounds quite generic but hopefully, we will get to see more in the coming months.

TeamKill Media are known for their work on Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris which released last month on Steam and PS4. The studio was founded in 2016 by the four Jones Brothers. Keep your eyes on Quantum Error as it could be the FPS horror game you have been waiting for… or not.

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