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Quibi is The New Mobile Streaming App You Never Knew You Needed – 3-Month Trial Now Available

Quibi has launched around the world and in South Africa (for a change). Unlike most cool video streaming apps like Disney+, Hulu, HBO and many others, we actually got this one (yay). Quibi is very different from your traditional Netflix and Showmax which is what makes it so cool. Instead of sitting on your couch and watching content through your TV, Quibi aims to be a mobile-only platform with episodes of content lasting no longer than ten minutes. It works as its bite-sized videos mean you can watch an episode of a show while on the crapper, on the bus or in bed at night before you pass out and your phone knocks you on your noggin’.

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At first, I thought this approach would mean that the content would be pretty mediocre but I was wrong. Quibi has some really great shows on offer including some favourites like Punk’d, BBC News (for your latest on COVID-19), Chrissy’s Court starring Chrissy Teigan, Dishmantled (my favourite), and Jennifer Lopez’s Thanks a Million. The service is not short cool stuff to watch and it all fits perfectly with the approach Quibi is going for in offering quick things to watch on the go.


The experience, in general, is also very different from your traditional streaming services. For starters, it is only available on mobile. Secondly, everything on the app is made to be watched either in portrait mode or in landscape mode so you can watch the content no matter what position your phone is. Some of the shows, like The Daily Chill, has been created with listening through headphones and earphones in mind. It features amazing landscapes and tranquil sounds which fit mobile users (who mainly wear earphones and headphones) perfectly.

Quibi South Africa iPhone Android

So far from my time with the app, it is quite impressive. It is sort of like YouTube but without the ads and with some decent content. Also, no “LIKE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE” being shouted at you through your phone. It looks like Quibi will merge the world of Netflix and YouTube into one while delivering some great bite-sized content to consume while you have your mobile in your hands. Everyone has 7 minutes free every now and then during the day to watch Titus Andromedan explode food, right?

As for the subscription. Right now, Quibi is offering a whopping three-month trial for new users on both iOS and Android. After which, it will cost R129,99 per month for an ad-free experience. There will also be a cheaper $4,99 Quibi limited-ad package but the South African pricing for that has not been announced yet. Expect to pay around R89 a month for this.

You can head over to the Quibi site or the App Store for iPhone or Google Play store for Android to get your trial going. You can also cancel your Quibi subscription before it renews if you are not a fan but hopefully it will catch on in South Africa.


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