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Rainbow Six Extraction is Roguelike Meets Siege But in Co-Op and With Aliens

During its first Ubisoft Forward event of E3 2021, Ubisoft showcased the upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow Six Extraction. While it may seem like a Siege clone from the outside, there is a lot going on here than meets the eye. By the sound of things, it seems to merge a roguelike gameplay approach with the traditional Siege gadget, operators and mechanics.

Rainbow Six Extraction follows humanity in the middle of a war against an alien threat that has evolved out of control. For the most part, Rainbow Six Extraction follows much of the traditional gameplay elements from Siege. The game includes a range of operators to control and each of them pack unique skills, gadgets and gear to use, and the general “infiltration” gameplay seems intact. Of course, the big difference here is that players are facing aliens instead of other players.


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Ubisoft says that instead of fighting against one another in Rainbow Six Extraction, players are coming together to take on this new threat. How you go about this all depends on your approach to the containment zone. According to Ubisoft, players will unlock new playable operators by completing a mission and extracting them from the containment zone. However, the developer also says that players risk losing all their gear and progression if they fail.

Ubisoft Extraction

The gameplay mission showcased during the Ubisoft Forward event touched on some of the elements players can expect to see in-game. One player spawned a drone and drove around the area to scout for enemies while the others searched for a way through the hub. There is a heavy emphasis on stealth as players are urged to take the silent path and kill the aliens from a distance.

The aliens rely on a material called Sprawl. This substance crawls around the map and grows as the game progresses. Aliens move faster in Sprawl while players are slowed down. You can shoot the substance to clear it away but it seems to grow back over time. By the look of things, players are thrown into a containment zone that includes a range of tiers. As they get through the area, enemies get tougher, stronger and the overall gameplay difficulty spikes too.

Throughout the mission, players can rest in safe houses that come in the form of airlocks. This then leads them to another tier and deeper into the containment zone. The goal of each mission is to get to the third level and complete it but this is easier said than done. The third zone features tougher aliens, Sprawl all over the map and other challenges players need to overcome.

If a player gets abducted by the alien threat then they are contained until the remaining players come back and save them. Well, that is what it looks like anyway. Ubisoft says there is still lots to share and explain when it comes to Rainbow Six Extraction but watch the gameplay deep dive down below for now.

Rainbow Six Extraction is set to launch on 16 September 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox and PC.

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