Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Brings The Iconic Tactical Shooter to Mobile Devices

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege game is one of the most popular tactical shooters in gaming. Raking in over 80 million players since launch, the shooter has grown from strength to strength with new content and seasonal drops that have kept the experience exciting and fresh. Ubisoft now aims to achieve the same thing on mobile devices thanks to Rainbow Six Siege Mobile.

For the most part, Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is a replica of the console and PC game through and through. However, the game has been built from the ground up for mobile devices and is not a port of any kind. It follows the same fast-paced 5v5 gameplay we all know and love from the console and PC games but is now tailored for smaller displays and touch controls.

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Players can compete in Rainbow Six Siege’s iconic core game mode Attack vs. Defense and participate in the best of 3 rounds. Players will take the role of their favourite Operators and head into combat against another team. The objective is simple, either attack the defending team or defend yourself from the attacking team.

This is, of course, mixed up by the various gadgets and Operator abilities on offer. In addition, players can still fortify their zones and use their Operator abilities to either breach these areas or defeat the other team. You will have to set traps, think ahead of the pack and plan every move to achieve victory.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

This sounds just like the original game, right? That is because it is. Ubisoft says they have worked hard to make Rainbow Six Siege Mobile feel as authentic to the experience as possible. Maps, locations, abilities and the general gameplay have all been carefully tuned for mobile gaming. Ubisoft has also worked on tailoring the iconic maps for mobile devices

At launch, players can jump into Attack vs Defense where two teams try and fight it out while one defends a hostage and the other tries to save them. There’s also the Secure the Area mode and Bomb mode. These modes have also been optimized for mobile by balancing gameplay and making match times shorter.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will also include a highly customizable HUD that players can change to fit their playstyle. Rainbow Six Siege Mobile also includes a special player onboarding mode that acts as a tutorial for new players coming into the fold.

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is set to launch sometime later this year for iOS and Android devices. You can stay up-to-date on the developments in the game by visiting the official site here.

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