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Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides – South African Servers and Everything You Need to Know

Ubisoft plans on rolling out a major new Season for Rainbow Six: Siege, Shifting Tides today which includes two new Operators Kali and Wamai as well as the rollout of South African servers for the game. If you are wondering what the plan is for the upcoming content and local server rollout then we have you covered.


While we originally recieved word that Ubisoft was going to turn on the South African servers (for console) this week, they have yet to provide an actual day and time for it. We have reached out to Ubisoft for confirmation and will update accordingly. 

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This Season release was announced a few weeks ago when the studio revealed its plans for African servers. The player base rejoiced at the announcement of the servers with the local Siege community celebrating a possible lag-free gameplay experience.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides Operators

Ubisoft claims the new Siege Operators are unlike any that have come before and both will bring a unique set of talents to the current roster.

Kali – Attacker

Kali is a two-speed and two-attack stat Operator. Her primary weapon is a bolt-action sniper rifle the CSRX 300. This powerful rifle is capable of killing a full-health enemy with one shot. The CSRX 300 has a powerful under-barrel which fires LV Explosive Lances that can destroy walls and defender gadgets. It can breach barricades and hatches and even destroy Castle’s Armour Panels.

The LV Explosive Lance can also be shot at a breakable wall which will then create a small hole and when shot at a reinforced wall, it lodges in the surface. The scope of the CSRX 300 can be adjusted to a 5x or a 12x making it a versatile weapon from any distance. Kali is also equipped with a C75 Auto and a P226 MK25

Wamai – Defender

Wamai is the opposite of Kali. This two-speed and two-armour Operator is from Keyna. He packs a Mag-NET System which has the ability to pull any nearby projectiles towards it causing it to explode away from his allies. The gadget is thrown and sticks to the surface. It then attracts these projectiles and self-destructs making it the perfect device to protect your team from grenades and other dangerous explosives.

Wamai can load up to five of these gadgets in certain conditions, however, they can easily be destroyed with just one shot so placing them in hidden areas is key. Wamai is also equipped with an AUG A2, MP5K, D-40 and P-12.

Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides South African Servers

The launch of Shifting Tides also marks the rollout of the Rainbow Six: Siege South African servers. This is big news for both console and PC players as gamers will no longer have to play with 200+ ping. Ubisoft has revealed that the console servers will be live this week. We will keep you updated on the exact day and time they plan on turning them on. However, if you are playing on PC, these servers have been in the testing phase since 11 November and you should be playing on them already.

Other New Features

The Shifting Tides Season also brings with it a few new notable changes including a new rappel feature that allows players to manually exit the rappel position. Rainbow Six Siege: Shifting Tides Season also brings with it the much-needed change to bullet penetration. Bullets can now go through multiple enemies when lined up correctly. This could mean Kali’s CSRX 300 could indeed kill multiple enemies if lined up correctly. This tweak is a game-changer.

Ubisoft revealed that the Season will bring a handful of price decreases along with it for all Operators. Hibana and Echo will now cost 10,000 Renown or 240 R6 Credits. Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia will come down to 15,000 Renown or 360 R6 Credits and Nomad and Kaid will cost 20,000 or 480 R6 Credits to purchase. The new season also means new skins will be available for weapons including the Vessel Wave skin inspired by the Kenyan Navy and the Virtue Skin inspired by Indian architecture.

You can catch up on all the new changes, tweaks and features coming with the Shifting Tides Season here. Keep in mind that you will need the Year 4 Pass in order to fully take advantage of all the content coming to the game.

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