Rainbow Six Siege South African Servers Officially Live But Only on Xbox One
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After two weeks of major confusion, I am happy to share the news that the Rainbow Six Siege South African servers are officially live. Ubisoft made the announcement on Twitter where the Rainbow Six account tweeted the news that the Xbox One servers are now officially live. The sad news is that the PC and PS4 servers are not yet up. However, the Rainbow Six Siege PS4 and PC South African servers could be up very soon according to Ubisoft that explained if server stability meets their standard, they will deploy them in the coming weeks.

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If you are playing on Xbox One then you are lucky to be matchmaking on the South African servers. However, local Siege players have reported the South African data centre has been spotted in-game on PS4 and PC. While players are unable to join the servers, the Xbox One version also showed the same menu last week which could mean Ubisoft is busy implementing them on other platforms too.

These servers come as a sigh of relief to the community who have been begging for local support since the game’s launch back in 2015. Ubisoft rolled out test servers for the game back in November on PC where they conducted extensive testing to see if local implementation was a viable option. Last week there was a bit of confusion after a local Ubisoft representative emailed us with the news that the servers were going live. However, that was not the case.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and for those on Xbox One, you are already enjoying the local servers. We will share an update on the Rainbow Six Siege PS4 and PC South African Server as soon as we hear more.






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