Rainbow Six Siege Gets New Look, Operator, Streamer Mode and More
"Year 6 is big"
Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Flores
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Rainbox Six Siege fans will be happy to know that Ubisoft is doing a lot more to celebrate Year 6 than all previous years in the game. The developer seems to have touched on everything that makes the game so great while also adding a new Operator named Flores to the mix. There’s also a map rework of Border and so much more.


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Flores is the first major news on Rainbow Six Siege Year 6. This Argentinian character features a two-armour, two-speed stat and carries with him explosive drones and two weapons: the AR33 and SR-25. His drone is called RCE-Ratero that detonates after 13 seconds.

Flores can control the drone for 10 seconds before the 3-second blow-up countdown begins. He can also initiate it earlier. However, players need to master the drone’s movements. It can’t drive in reverse, it can jump and even has some hefty armour on it. The drone also becomes bulletproof when its detonation sequence begins.

Ubisoft is adding a new grenade launcher into the game called Gonne-6. It can be equipped in the pistol slot on specific operators, only has one ammo and can blow up bulletproof gadgets.

The iconic Border map has been reworked. This not only includes quality-of-life changes but also visual tweaks too. There’s also a load of new places to explore including a redesigned bathroom and bombsites.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a post-death feature in the new season. This will let players control cameras and gadgets which they have deployed even after they have died. We will have to just wait and see how people feel about it.

As for the game features themselves, Ubisoft is beta testing Match Replay which lets players analyse their gameplay piece by piece. They can rewind the game, zoom in, change angles and much more. Not only does this feature allow players to get a better understanding of their matches and players but Ubisoft’s cheat system will also utilize it to detect cheaters.

There’s also a Streamer Mode coming to Rainbow Six Siege which allows players to hide key information from viewers which can prevent certain individuals from stream sniping the match. This is a much-requested feature that is popular in many PvP games.

There are a few other things coming your way. A new reputation system will limit access to ranked playlists for players who are viewed as toxic. If a player is labelled as toxic then users will get information into how they can increase their reputation again.

Flore and other game changes are available on the Rainbow Six Siege test server from today. It is unclear when they will arrive for the public.






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