Rare’s Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves developer, Rare, released their official top 10 things to know about the game. If you don't know, Sea of Thieves is an upcoming Xbox One and PC exclusive that combines looting, pirating, and of course, a deep co-op system where you and your team of pirates need to work together to gather as much treasure as possible while defending yourselves from the monsters and other players in the world.

 Warning, biased infused list to follow.

  1. It's the pirate game you've always wanted. What makes Sea of Thieves deserving of this title I hear you ask. You can try to hijack a rival pirate ship, and if you're good enough, your steel will prevail. The second most important thing any pirate will tell you is to beat the odds and find a treasure before anyone else. Both of these things are aplenty in the game, making it the one pirate experience you've always wanted to play.
  2. It's all about adventure with your friends. Set sail with your besties, or find a new crew, the choice is the captains. It's almost the most important choice you'll make in the game, for the most important revert to point one about treasures. Talking about treasures, when you find those, it'll be divided among the crew as surety against mutiny.
  3. You'll explore a rich, fantastical world. The “absurdly attractive” world of Sea of Thieves includes, but is not limited to), mastering the seas, fighting foes (alive and dead), swarming with the hunters of the deep to explore shipwrecks (sharks people, lots of sharks), and exploring islands packed with secrets and puzzles. All in all, everything a pirate could want in a single experience.
  4. This world is a shared world. Meaning, every sail you'll see on the horizon resembles another pirate crew, and not of the AI kind, the flesh and blood kind translated into bytes and pixels. You can encounter these rivals in tavern brawls or on the high seas.
  5. You can create your own legend.”Because you've always wanted to be known as a masterful musician, a hoarder of gold, a gunslinger, or even a drunk.
  6. Cross-play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. What we've always wanted, to sail together. Both versions of the game will, therefore, launch at the same time.
  7. It's build to be watched and shared. Let the world bear witness to your pirating. The game even has a feature where four games can be watched simultaneously.
  8. It's from veteran UK studio Rare. Build by Rare with a “reverent charm” to give players “an experience they'll never forget.
  9. The community is incredibly welcome. So they all say until you add a competitive mode.
  10. People are playing right now. “So get on board and put numbers 1-9 to the test.

If you want to join the adventure, then log your request at https://www.seaofthieves.com/insider. Sea of Thieves is expected to launch early next year for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

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