“Rawmen” is Like Splatoon But With Soup and Nude Men
Rawmen Steam
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Described as a game with “Hardcore Online Soup Shenanigans”, Rawmen is like Nintendo’s Splatoon but a lot more over-the-top. For one, it features nude men running around a map tossing soup at each other as they try and defeat their opponents. The best thing about it? You are the nude men!

The big difference between Splatoon and Rawmen is that the game is a lot more focused on the PvP side of things rather than painting the level with soup and whichever team has painted more wins.

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The game features a 2-8 player team deathmatch as players try and eliminate their opponents by using food like ramen and other speciality food items. They can slide across the battlefield using their broth but it depletes what they have in their pot. The more they attack and use their abilities, the more soup they will lose. Players can also hide in their pot too and sneak up to unexpected players.

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Skills include the ability to fart to jump higher as your human gas leaves your body and boosts you into the air as crazy speeds. You player is also highly customizable equipping an apron, changing your height and head size and of course, your “ego” which goes without saying is your trouser snake of which is at least blurred out.

Rawmen is currently in Early Access on Steam and set to release sometime in 2019. If you are interested in playing the game, then you can head over the Steam and find out more about it.






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