Razer Cynosa Pro Bundle Review: A great starter pack


When it comes to gaming keyboards, they can get pretty pricey, especially when looking at the Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2, which is the definition of a great gaming keyboard. But most people just don't have R3000 to splurge on a gaming accessory, no matter how fantastic it is. Then we have the Razer Cynosa Pro Bundle which is meant to be a mid-ranged starter bundle for those gamers who are looking to grab a mouse and a keyboard for their brand new gaming PC. It comes with a full-sized keyboard, a 2,000 DPI gaming mouse in one box, and all the Razer personality you would expect from the brand.

It is a budget bundle, coming in at R1399, and it fits the consumer's wallet perfectly, as both devices in the box would set you back +/- R700, more for the keyboard obviously. No matter how affordable it is, it never felt that Razer went on the cheap with the contents of the bundle. Both the Cynosa keyboard and the Deathadder mouse that is included in the combo are great Razer products, that should fit your starter gaming needs perfectly. 

What makes this Razer bundle so great, is its “no gimmicks” approach. Starting off with the Razer Deathadder, it is Razer's entry level mouse, and if you ask me, its a great starter gaming mouse that does not bloat its price on fancy lights and gimmicks that you will never use. Even with my big hands, the mouse was a perfect fit with its ergonomic design. The left buttons on the device are big, so I never missed them when using my ult in Overwatch. I also found that I did not accidentally press one instead of the other as my thumb was perfectly positioned to target the button I aimed for. 


On the sides, there is a rubber-like material that helps keep the grip on the mouse while in use. I wish was a bit more predominant, however, as it feels more plastic than rubber, and a nice layer of traction rubber would have been a better choice for the grip. With that being said, it is still an extremely comfortable mouse, and all I could think when using it was how affordable it was, but it did not feel cheap at all. 

Like many gaming mice on the market, weight is important, and with the Deathadder it never felt too light. You will not find the option to add any weights into the mouse itself, so the standard 144g will have to do. I found that it was perfect, as I have never been one to be fussy about the heaviness of a mouse, rather I adapt to what I am using. With a 2,000 DPI sensor, it is also adequate for any gamer, but using the Razer Synapse program, you can customize everything you need there. Changing the side clicks, the mouse sensitivity, and best of all, the RGB lighting. 


Unlike the Razer Mamba, which is also a great mouse, the Deathadder has a very standard lighting system, but it is enough to make you feel like you are using a fancy gaming mouse. The mouse wheel and Razer logo at the bottom of the mouse are the brightest, and when changing the colours across the three color backlighting, it shines brighter than ever. Unlike the Chroma range, the entry level Deathadder has three colour options, a green, blue, and cyan. It is a subtle lighting experience compared to other mice on the market, but it is just enough to make it feel like a premium mouse, without breaking the bank. 

It goes without saying the Deathadder is a great gaming mouse, and in every game I tested it out, be it Overwatch or Halo Wars 2, it provided a solid experience. It is simple to use without layers of buttons to go through, or different settings to refine before heading into a match. Hours into a gaming session my hand never felt tired at all, rather the weight and the design of the mouse went hand-in-hand to provide a comfortable feeling even during long periods. 

The bundle then also comes with the Razer Cynosa Pro keyboard, which is again a standard gaming keyboard that has a decent backlit display. It is spill resistant, a life saver for gamers, and has fully programmable keys. However, of all the features, it is the dedicated gaming mode that stands out as a great addition. What this does is disable all the annoying keys that you would press by mistake while gaming like Windows, and “alt-tab”. It saved me so many times from being taken to the desktop while in the middle of a game. 


The only issue I had with the keyboard is that it is not mechanical, rather it has gaming grade membrane keys. Saying that however, I could not fault it on the keys, and expect to pay R1399 for the entire bundle at the same time. The keys did feel great and put me in control regardless, and gaming was fantastic while using the keyboard. The backlit illumination provided the perfect amount of lighting to carry me into the night, and I deliberately played with the light off, because LED lights.  It is also a comfortable device to use, with the kickstand at the back providing a great arc to prop the device up. 


Sure the keyboard lacks the flash that I love so much in the Blackwidow Chroma v2, but considering the price is a fraction of the cost, it makes for a great starter bundle. Both the Deathadder, and the Cynosa keyboard can be bought together in this new bundle for R1399, and you cannot go wrong with something like this. If you are looking for an uncomplicated gaming startup pack, this is the one. 

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